Monday, May 24, 2010

Yesterday after church, the parents got a long nap! Hooray! While the older children played with Zachary! He really loves being held and so while the older children are watching TV, playing Wii or on the computer they can hold him (especially since he still doesn't weigh very much). Which is very nice. After church, Thomas and Jeannine and baby went on a long drive around the lake (Utah Lake). It is very beautiful on the other side and really like taking a vacation to just drive around it for a couple of hours. The colors of the mountains and skies and clouds and and the vibrant sunlight are just amazing. Thomas is continuing his job search. Julia is in the middle of finals right now at Lone Peak High School. The month of May is very beautiful, but amazingly enough today it snowed and it's sticking and we have a fair amount right now.

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